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treated & seasoned Rubber Wood

The raw material, which is rubberwood cut to size, is first protected from Fungus and Termite attack by the Pressure Treatment with Borax and Boric acid in a timber preservation treatment plant. During this process required quantity of this Chemical is absorbed by timber which protects it from decay.

After this, the timber is dried to a uniform low moisture content by Timber Dryers. After this treatment and drying (Seasoning), due to the nature of rubberwood some timbers develop bend, twist and crack etc. These defective portions are cut and thrown away as waste. The straight pieces of rubberwood after treatment, seasoning and cutting away the defects is our sold as BOROTIK RSKD. RSKD is the term used in Timber trade for dried and seasoned timber in the rough sawn stage. Treated, Seasoned to international standards and cut to size is supplied as RSKD in standard sizes as well as S4S (Four side planes) and also as made-up products against orders. This budget-friendly ‘Ready-to-use’ timber is ideal for joinery, furniture making, interiors and general carpentry work. It leads itself easily to planning, sanding, carving and polishing, and is amenable to all surfaces.

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treated flush doors

A flush door is a completely smooth door, having plywood fixed over a finger jointed treated and seasoned timber frame, the inside of which are filled with treated and seasoned planned rubber wood sizes as core material. Flush doors are most commonly employed in the interior of a dwelling, although slightly more substantial versions can be used as exterior doors.

These long-lasting, affordable interior doors are made from a variety of materials, such as veneered hardwood for the door skins. They’re available in a wide range of veneers or prefinished hardboard finishes. Our flush door beats a standard 5-ply door in both quality and price. We use better materials and highly sophisticated processes to create a durable, attractive door that will not delaminate. Our doors are perfect for hotels, condominiums, hospitals, senior living facilities, schools, and offices.

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finger jointed & edge glued boards

In an effort to better utilize plantation timbers, which, like rubberwood, are essentially small girth log and dimensionally not very stable like forest timbers, techniques for finger jointing to increase the length and edge glue to make wider boards was developed.

High performance adhesives of D3 and D4 standards are used and small size timber is successfully finger jointed to make long lengths and edge glued to make wider planks. Such engineered lumber and lumber boards are successfully used in western countries. We are proud to inform you that we have bought this latest technology to India for better utilization of rubberwood. Since these are made on Automatic German machines using carbide cutters and the glues are of D3 and D4 standard, the glue joints are guaranteed for fail safe and water resistant qualities. Boards are offered with thickness of 8,12,15,24,32,35,40 MM in size of 8’ X 4’ with grades namely Supreme, Deluxe, and Regular. Supreme: Both sides of boards are free from any minor timber defects. (Grade AA) Deluxe: One side will be clear and the other side will be having minor timber defects namely tapping marks. (Grade AB) Regular: Both sides will be having minor timber defects. (Grade BB).

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